ARNIX Wired/Wireless IP Video Surveillance System is a complete package composed of 2 IP Cameras & 1 NVR. This product utilizes the video transmission technology of Binary CDMA and Ethernet Bridge to link existing IP Cameras and NVR(Network Video Recorder) as an All-In-One system.

- Simultaneous transmission of 4ch full HD videos wirelessly
- Dual ISM Band(2.4/5.8GHz) frequency for minimum signal interference
- Channel avoidance function -> Automatic switch to another channel with superior quality
- CSMA-CA + TDMA -> No channel collision in case of 1:N connection
- Application of SMA connector type antenna -> Antenna optimization (Up to 500m ~ 2.5km of Transmission Distance)

- Adoption of the next-generation security algorithm AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard)

- No need of separate router due to one integrated user interface composed of 2 IP Camera & 1 NVR
- One-Stop Pairing Button Function (IP Camera <--> NVR)
- Easy Installation Function No separate router


1080P 4ch NVR System with 2 Wired / Wireless IP Cameras



720P 4ch NVR System with 2 Wired / Wireless IP Cameras



EMW Co., Ltd. Introduces the high performance ISO/IEC 24771 Koinonia Binary CDMA compliant Ethernet Bridge Transceiver - EBM-B100. this using by Binary CDMA is possible CDMA transmission through original TDMA RF base on this technology, EMW is developed compact size and low power consumption of this with 2.4GHz ISM Band. Wireless communication is improved low interference, link robustness, extended range, increased throughput and better performance base on Binary CDMA technology against existing technology such as  Wi-Fiand Bluetooth.

Binary CDMA Technology

Binary CDMA is Korean original wireless technology, using this technology it is possible for CDMA transmission though original TDMA RF. EMW has developed Arnix All-In-One Surveillance System featuring compact design and low power comsumption with 2.4GHz/5.8GHz free ISM band. Wireless communication is improved with low interference, link robustness, extended range, and increased throughput.





Since 1998, EMW has been a global leader of wireless communication technologies. We are the market leader in South Korea and top manufacturer of mobile antenna for major clients such as Samsung, LG, and 3M, and special - purpose antennas for the military. EMW has made a huge progress in research and innovation not only in the antenna industry but also in wireless smart grid solutions and surveillance systems. EMW strives to pursue total quality and has always complied with the strictest international standards to ensure continuous improvement of our products. Our vision is to make the world a smarter and more secure environment through our continuous research and innovation.



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EMW R&D Center

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